Comfort Clinic has a dedicated team of chiropodists, certified orthotic fitters, body brace fitters, mastectomy products fitters, and orthotic lab technicians. Our professionals while serving the clients from Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and other areas of the GTA have achieved excellent results in providing best treatments and solutions, resulting in our clients’ improved health and wellness.

Mainly focusing on foot and lower-limb related problems, we also provide solutions for post-trauma or post-surgery conditions, as well as blood circulation problems. Our specialists share decades of experience in custom orthotics, orthotic footwear, mastectomy products, compression garments, body braces, and body support products. Comfort Clinic offers treatments of such conditions as foot pain, back pain, ankle pain, heel pain, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, leg swelling and foot swelling. We are offering the following services: orthotic insoles assessment and prescription, foot casting/3D scan, custom orthotics manufacturing and dispensing, orthotic footwear fitting, compression garments fitting and prescriptions, body braces fitting, breast prostheses fitting, mastectomy bra fitting, diabetic foot care and shoe fitting.

We offer a big selection of orthotic-friendly footwear. Whether you are going out for dinner, to work or for a walk – we have footwear for all occasions. Manufactured to the highest standards, our shoes can be used as is, or we can customize them to your needs. We also carry a wide variety of body braces, body supports, arthritis care products as well as women’s health products.