The service I have received at the Comfort Clinic has been excellent. I was able to purchase my compression stockings, even needing to have them readjusted for sizing, with no issues or delays. Alla is very knowledgeable and helpful, helping me to get the outcome that I wanted.
Paula A., Oakville, ON, Canada
Loving my new shoes I just got at Comfort Clinic!! They’re the new brand Vionic with Orthaheel Technology from Dr. Andrew Weil, 1st Ray Flex. It’s like I’m walking on air. And to top it off, they not only support my back, but my knees don’t feel like they’re going to buckle!! I’m very excited about this great comfort pair of sneakers!!
Brenda H., Oakville, ON, Canada
Big thanks to Alla from Comfort Clinic for providing my son with custom orthotics! He said he feels amazing and can barely feel pain in his heel and he just got them today!! I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. If your kid complains their heels hurt when they walk too much…go see their foot doctor…thanks again!
Shannon O., Oakville, ON Canada
My knee was hurting me a lot and I was looking for some knee braces for stability and comfort. I visited Comfort Clinic and found the best knee brace. Their body braces fitter helped me with its fitting. Great experience!
William W., Mississauga, ON Canada
I received my custom made orthotics from Comfort Clinic two weeks ago. I cannot imagine how much my life has changed since I started wearing my custom made orthotics. I had severe foot pain due to my long duty hours. I couldn’t perform well at my job because of my foot pain. I made an appointment with the chiropodist at Comfort Clinic, and he analyzed my foot problems and suggested me to have custom made orthotics. I followed his suggestion and started using these orthotics with new footwear that I also bought from Comfort Clinic. It was really an amazing experience at Comfort Clinic. Thanks a lot!
Elizabeth W., Burlington, ON Canada
My wife was having difficulty in walking as she was feeling excruciating pain in her knee. My friend advised me to visit Comfort Clinic for treatment. I made an appointment and paid a visit for early consultation. My wife underwent a variety of tests, including gate analysis, muscle strength, foot / ankle alignment and joint flexibility. They advised my wife to have orthopedic shoes to overcome this knee pain. My wife made footwear selection, though it was difficult to choose because of availability of a wide range of footwear. Her new orthopedic shoes made a huge difference – thank you for great service!
Samuel R. , Milton, ON Canada