Why Choose Us?

Comfort Clinic offers a wide range of services, treatments and products, together with decades of experience of our stuff members. Our services include patient assessment, foot doctor, diabetic foot care, shoe fitting, custom orthotics, orthotic insoles assessment, foot casting, orthotics prescription and dispensing, compression garments prescription, compression garments fitting, mastectomy bra fitting, breast prostheses fitting, body braces fitting. We offer a wide range of products, including footwear, custom orthotics, compression stockings, compression sleeves, compression socks, compression wrap-around, compression gloves, pillows, neck massagers, foot massagers, foot spas, and backrests. We can address foot pain, ankle pain, back pain, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, diabetic feet, leg swelling, heel pain and foot swelling.

What Makes Comfort Clinic Different?

Registered Chiropodists:

Comfort Clinic has dedicated registered chiropodists in Oakville with extensive experience in treatment of foot problems. Our doctors offer best approach in treatment of foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, leg pain and foot-related back pain. They will develop and follow a comprehensive treatment plan to assure fast and successful recovery.

Certified Orthotic Fitters:

Our team of professional certified orthotic fitters will help you with orthotics fitting, footwear fitting and footwear selection. Properly selected and fitted product has an important role in treatment of foot pain and delivering desired relief.

Certified Compression Garment Fitters:

In gradient compression therapy, a proper fit has a crucial importance, and can dramatically impact the treatment of lymphedema, edema, venous insufficiency, varicose veins and other circulatory problems. Our compression garment fitters’ individual approach guarantees precise measurements, which results in a perfect fit of compression garments and achieving maximum benefits of treatment.

Body Braces Fitting:

To alleviate pain in your back, upper limb or lower limb due to injury, strain, sprain, arthritis or surgery, our certified body brace fitters will apply appropriate brace to the affected area. We carry a wide variety of body braces and supports, as well as heat/cold pads and angora wear.

Mastectomy Products Fitting:

For women who underwent breast surgery, our certified mastectomy fitters will find the best match in bra type and breast form to restore well balanced body profile, while making every effort to make you comfortable during the fitting procedure.

Treatment Process:

Our specialists will assess your condition, conduct all necessary tests, explain your treatment options and write a prescription, if required. You will receive a complete test of your feet, which includes biomechanical evaluation, gait analysis, muscle strength, foot-ankle alignment and joint flexibility, as well as leg vein assessment. Treatment options depend on condition and include custom-made orthotics, compression garments, exercise – to name a few.