Ankle Pain

Comfort Clinic offers variety of treatment for ankle pain in Oakville, including custom orthotics, orthotic shoes, orthotic insole, ankle pain assessment and diagnosis. Ankle pain can be caused by an injury to tendons, ligaments and any of the bones in the ankle. Sprain occurred by subjecting ankle to powerful twisting or bending is the most common cause of ankle pain. You can suffer from ankle pain due to an unwanted tearing and stretching of the ankle ligament. As the ankle is a complicated structure of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles, it is powerful enough to carry the whole body weight. Most of the time, the ankle is more susceptible to injury and pain. Ankle pain can easily be felt inside or outside of the ankle, or along the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon connects the muscles in the lower leg to the heel bone. The ankle also has the ligaments which protect the ankle joint from sudden powerful movements and keep the ankle joints in shape and place. The pain in your ankle can lead to foot pain and foot swelling.

Ankle Pain Treatment

ankle pain causes

Sprain occurred by subjecting ankle to powerful twisting or bending is the most common cause of ankle pain.

Ankle pain treatment can be done in number of ways, depending on nature of pain, causes and conditions of ankle pain. At Comfort Clinic, we offer many options for ankle pain treatment. Our experienced custom orthotics specialists in Oakville treat ankle pain by doing proper ankle pain assessment, ankle pain diagnosis and analysis before providing ankle pain treatment solution. They use their expertise in fabricating custom orthotics, choosing comfortable footwear, and selecting and fitting the best ankle brace for ankle pain treatment.

Custom orthotics can easily raise the arch area of your flat feet while creating a balanced foundation that can easily absorb shock and minimize impact of abnormal movements. Orthotic footwear help control foot motion as they feature wide insoles and strong arch support, ensuring ankle safety and stability. In some cases, our custom orthotics specialists can modify your footwear with the help of shoe insoles, shoe inserts, and shoe pads to support your foot arch and hold your foot joints together.

At Comfort Clinic, we have certified custom orthotics fitters who can easily fit the custom orthotic within your shoes, and modify your your footwear for maximum comfort and prevention of pain in your ankle. Ankle brace and ankle wrap can also be very effective to prevent pain, ankle sprain, foot pain, and foot swelling as they provide full support for the ankle and muscles attached to the joint. Our certified body braces fitters can easily brace your ankle in a professional way, making it easy for you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.