Your body needs proper support to keep pain, strains, injuries, and restlessness away. Comfort Clinic has a wide collection of body support products, including pillows, backrests and seats, massage rolls, neck massagers, as well as foot massagers and foot spas. These products are carefully selected by our certified professionals to ensure maximum benefits and help boost your energy, increase your efficiency, and help you enjoy life to it’s fullest.


Back Seat Oakville


Comfort Clinic has chosen the best backrests and seats —backrests, seat cushions, low back backrest support—that can provide maximum comfort and relief. These backrests products are lightweight, portable, and anatomically designed. These backrests help with your body alignment, give sitting comfort, provide relief from pain and fatigue.
Backrest Products Features:
• Contoured seat cushions are uniquely designed to evenly distribute body weight. These contoured cushioned seats encourage proper alignment of the pelvis and thighs for extended sitting comfort.
• Low Back Backrest Supports mould your spine into a perfect anatomically correct seating position. Low Back Backrest Supports transform chairs into ergonomically correct seating. These backrests products help to enhance overall posture by supporting proper spinal alignment.


Pillows Oakville


Our selection of comfortable pillows offers great relief from neck pain and stiffness, shoulder tension, morning pain, and associated headache pain.
Pillows Features:
• Cervical Pillows: With great heat and pressure sensitivity, these cervical pillows offer soothing effect on your head and neck as they change shape with your head movement in a bid to provide better responsive support during your sleep.
• Comfort Sleep Contoured Pillows: These comfort sleep pillows feature breathable covers that provide amazing cooling effect and extra comfort. They come with unique texture pattern which allows for maximum airflow and extra softness.
• Travel Neck Pillows: These travel neck pillows are ergonomically designed to provide you with an ultimate rest while you travel and on the go.