What is foot pain? Discomfort, inflammation or pain in the parts of foot, including sole, arch, heel or toes is called foot pain, and can range from an extreme burning or stabbing pain to unpleasant tingling.

27 05, 2017

What is orthopaedic footwear?


What is orthopaedic footwear?   Orthopaedic footwear gives you stability and freedom to be comfortable, walk pain-free with customized fit and support, and improve mobility to enjoy your everyday activities. Unique design of orthopedic shoes is an incorporation of added depth and forepart of the foot-bed, wide shank area for arch support and stability. [...]

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3 10, 2016

Your feet are a biological masterpiece


Your feet are a biological masterpiece  Take care of them! Don’t take them for granted! Our feet can be compared to a finely tuned car, or space shuttle function of which dictates their complex design and structure. Did you know that our two feet contain a quarter all the bones of the body? [...]

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3 10, 2016

Are you wearing a proper shoe size?


Are you wearing a proper shoe size? Have you ever had your feet “falling asleep” while walking or running? May be some “foot cramping” or “burning”? You have no adequate room to freely wiggle your toes? This is because your shoes are the wrong fit! Poorly fitted shoes can also cause or aggravate bunions, [...]

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3 10, 2016

Major causes of foot pain


Major Causes of Foot Pain There are several major causes of foot pain such as Osteoarthritis, Reactive arthritis, Septic arthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis, Bunion, Corns and Calluses, Bursitis, Gout, Plantar fasciitis, Ingrown Toenails, Achilles Tendinitis, Achilles Tendon, Bone spurs, Sprained ankle, Stress fracture, Plantar warts, etc. Following are the major causes of foot pain: [...]

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