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Perfect Foot Alignment

Perfect Foot Alignment

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Comfort Clinic offers custom orthotics for foot pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, knee pain, flat feet, foot alignment, and other foot problems. These custom orthotics can assist people facing common foot problems caused by Bunion, Flatfeet, Corns and calluses, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Achilles Tendon, Metatarsalgia, Tendinitis, Plantar warts, Reactive arthritis, Septic arthritis, Sprains and strains, Stress fractures, Morton’s neuroma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Broken ankle / foot, Bursitis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Pseudogout, Sprained ankle, and Bone spurs.

Orthotics provide great support for your foot and perform various functions ranging from protection and prevention to treatment and correction. Custom orthotics can improve your feet alignment by distributing pressure and realigning foot joints. As you are performing your routine activities – standing, walking or running – these foot orthotics correct misalignment and improve prime functions of your foot.

Custom made orthotic solutions have a great impact on other parts of the body, including knee, ankle, leg, hip, and spine. To achieve best results, these custom orthotics can be used with properly fitted orthotic footwear. Our orthotics for diabetic foot care can prevent foot ulcers and other complications. Our certified orthotic specialists will fit custom made orthotics into your footwear, suggest orthotics-friendly shoes to use your orthotics with and make modifications, if necessary. Custom orthotics can be categorized into three different types based on their functions.

They include the change to foot function, the prevention of foot complications, and the combination of functional control and protection. If you are looking for foot orthotics, plantar fasciitis orthotics, orthotics for flat feet, orthotics for runners or athletic orthotics, ankle foot orthotics, shoes for orthotics, custom orthotics, orthotic shoe insert, orthotic shoe insole, and walk-fit orthotic footwear, our certified orthotic fitters can help you find the best orthotics for your feet.

What shoes would you suggest to relieve foot pain?2019-03-11T16:16:26-04:00

Wear shoes that fit well, have wider toe box, arch support and shock absorbing soles. Rest your feet as often as possible. If pain persists, ask your doctor about physical therapy and/or getting a custom made orthotics/inserts to be worn in the shoe.

What are the best shoe inserts for flat footed people?2019-03-11T16:16:36-04:00

The best shoe orthotics/ insoles are those that provide just the right amount of support, flexibility and stability. Cushioning and shock absorption is also essential. They have to provide comfort, enough arch support and biomechanical alignment.

What are the best insoles for ballet flat type shoes?2019-03-11T16:16:45-04:00

Slim Dress Orthotics/ Insoles are custom made for non-removable liner shoes. Slim narrow grind shell, suede top with 1mm underlay.

What type of an orthotic can I put in skates?2019-03-11T16:16:56-04:00

There are custom made orthotics specifically designed for the skates. They enhance your performance by creating a comfortable environment for your feet and have all the supportive benefits of the custom orthotics to eliminate your foot issues.

Can I wear dress orthotics in running shoes?2019-03-10T22:59:00-04:00

If your orthotics were made for dress shoe, switching it to sport shoe may not be advisable. You can transfer from one dress shoe to another. It is better to have a specially designed custom-made orthotics for your soccer cleats, ski boot or athletic shoes.

Do I need orthotic and how can orthotics help me?2019-03-10T22:56:23-04:00