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Amoena Contact Breast Form features InTouch soft silicone in both standard and light-weights that give the breast form a more natural appearance following breast surgery. As most women have concerns about their breast form movement with their normal daily wear, Amoena Contact Breast Form is redesigned the Contact attachable breast form for improved performance so it can provide maximum comfort and confidence. This breast form adheres directly to the chest wall making it look just like a natural part of the body.

Amoena Contact Breast Form Features

  • Adheres to the chest wall
  • Follows movement naturally
  • Ideal to wear with fitted clothing
  • Distributes weight more evenly
  • Newly-redesigned adhesive surface
  • Comfort on the inside
  • InTouch soft silicone

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Amoena Contact Breast Form follows your movement naturally and does not fall away from the body when you bend forward. This contact breast form distributes weight evenly while providing a great relief from stress on the shoulders and back. This contact for provides a great amount of comfort as it absorbs body heat and helps reduce perspiration behind the form for a dry feeling all day.

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