MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace


MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace features memory foam laminate that ensures maximum patient comfort and provides optimum relief. MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace is anatomically contoured for maximum benefit. This wrist brace support comes with malleable aluminum stays for customized fit, and you can easily adjust this wrist brace support according to your needs and requirements. MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace comes with an integrated cotton knit panel for easy application on your wrist while giving desired support for your comfort and relief. Its fabric-integrated D-rings eliminate twisting.

MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace Features

  • Memory foam laminate
  • Anatomically contoured
  • Malleable aluminum stays
  • Customized fit
  • Integrated cotton knit panel
  • Fabric-integrated D-rings
  • Latex free

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MKO Elite 6″ Wrist Brace is a latex free wrist brace that features integrated cotton panel and fabric-integrated D-rings. This wrist brace provides optimum support and comfort.

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions13.5 × 10.5 × 2 in


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