ObusForme Travel Neck Pillow

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Travel neck pillow is ergonomically designed to provide you with an ultimate rest while you travel and on the go. This travel neck pillow by ObusForme prevents pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders and make it comfortable for you to arrive at your destination in a more relaxed manner.

Product Features:

  • Contoured side panels
  • Prevent pain and stiffness
  • Button clasp
  • Pommel on bottom of pillow
  • Flat edge on back of pillow
  • Allows restorative sleep
  • Flexible and fits most necks
  • Includes a plush, velour, machine-washable cover
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Travel neck pillow features contoured side panels which provide you with  a comfortable sleeping option while you are resting your head to the side. This neck pillow has a button clasp that helps the pillow prevent from slipping off your shoulders. This neck pillow has a pommel on bottom of pillow ensures additional stability and provides head and neck with strong and powerful support. The back of pillow is contoured  in a way that makes it completely comfortable to support your neck. Its flat edge on back of pillow rests against your seat without slipping. This neck pillow allows you to have restful and restorative sleep, with more flexibility that fits most of the necks. It includes a plush, velour, machine-washable cover.

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