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Body Braces Fitting

Comfort Clinic has certified body brace fitters in Oakville who have expertise in fitting for knee brace, arm brace, wrist brace, ankle brace, back brace, etc. Body braces can help eliminate pain caused by arthritis or some injuries, boost your confidence, and help maintain active life. Our certified prosthetics fitters can find the best body braces to suit your prescription, warrant proper fitting for maximum benefits, help treat your medical condition through proper body bracing while taking in consideration your concerns, physical ability and doctors diagnosis.

body braces fitterOur body brace fitters can help you with knee braces that can provide circular compression to aid circulation, promote healing, overcome knee swelling and prevent injuries from medial and lateral instability. If you have cervical / clavicle pains due to some irritated muscles and joints, our body braces fitters can help you find the best body braces for cervical/clavicle support that can relieve pain and strain on your muscles and joints. If you are having trouble with your lumbar, rib, or abdomen, our certified body brace fitters can find the best braces for this purpose. These braces can reduce pain, provide support, and apply perfect compression to the muscles and soft tissues.

If you are developed pain in your wrist, hand or elbow, we can help you find the body brace that can provide support, restrict motion and hold the wrist and hand in a slightly angled or neutral position. Our certified prosthetics fitters can help you find suitable arm brace, wrist brace, elbow brace, and hand brace to provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow or any other joint pain.

We can also provide you with an ankle and foot braces which will reduce pain, help recover from ankle and foot injuries, and ensure the proper fit of those devices. If you are suffering from arthritis, we have body braces that are designed to retain the natural heat to provide soothing warmth and long-lasting pain relief, while keeping skin ventilated and comfortably dry for all day use.