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What is Compression Garments Prescription?

Compression garments prescription is a process of customizing, fitting, and preparing compression garments while following your doctor’s prescription. Most of the time, your doctor prescribes compression garments if you have a certain kind of surgery, varicose or spider veins, lymphedema, during pregnancy, etc. You don’t need a prescription for low compression – or off-the-shelf – garments (up to 20 mmHg). Prescriptions for compression garments over 20 mmHg are provided through a hospital, doctor’s office and therapy clinic.

At Comfort Clinic, our compression garments fitters measure, select, and fit compression garments which are customized to cater to your medical conditions and physical needs. The right fit of these compression garments plays a crucial role in treatment.

compression garments prescription process, Oakville, Ontario

Compression garments prescription is a process of customizing, fitting, and preparing compression garments

Different types of compression garments are available, varying in pressure from 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg to 30-40 mmHg and 40+mmHg. These compression garments come in different colours, patterns, materials and styles. Compression garments include compression socks, compression stockings, compression pantyhose, compression sleeves and inelastic compression wrap-around. Our Fitters are trained in application of ready-to-wear compression garments as well as custom made compression garments.

Compression stockings are specifically designed so that they can apply gradient compression at different measured intervals for their effectiveness. The highest amount of pressure is applied at the ankle, and then gradually decreases up the length of the compression garments. Chronic venous insufficiency, edema, lymphedema and other related conditions can be managed by using customized compression garments, wrap-around garments, gradient compression stockings, arm sleeves and other.

Compression Garments Applications:

• Lymphedema
• Swollen Ankles -Edema
• Heaviness, Tiredness, or Aching of Legs
• Varicose Veins
• Pain or Cramps in the Calves
• Venous Leg Ulcer
• Spider veins
• Venous Eczema
• Deep vein Thrombosis – DVT Prevention
• Post Thrombotic Syndrome – PTS
• Burn Scars
• Dermatitis
• Pregnancy

Compression Garments Benefits

• Exert desired amount of pressure to the affected limb
• Make venous system more effective
• Improve Lymphatic system
• Prevent poor circulation
• Promote better venous blood flow
• Prevent & control of vein-related diseases