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Shoe Fitting

Comfort Clinic is offering shoe fitting services for all kinds of shoes —running shoes, casual shoes, orthopedic shoes, athletic shoes, and comfort shoes for men, women, and kids in Oakville and the GTA. We have an amazing team of experienced, qualified shoe fitters which provide comprehensive, technical and focused shoe fitting solutions for wide fit shoes. Shoe fitting services include custom fit shoes, shoe modification, and shoe adjustment. Our shoe fitting services provide a great relief for your achy feet and help you overcome your branded wide fit shoes. Our certified orthotics and prosthetics fitters apply the best practices and skills to promote your foot health, walking experience, and running efficiency.

We listen carefully to your needs and goals. Our shoe fitters measure and assess your feet to better understand your shoe needs, proper sizing and therapeutic shoe requirements.

shoe fitting

Our shoe fitting experts offer custom fir shoes for men, women, and kids. They also customize shoe fitting for wide fit leather fitting shoes, wide fit running shoes, wide fit sports shoes. Our shoe fitting experts know how to fit big shoes on your feet. We understand that proper fit and support are the two most important thing to keep your body and feet happy. We use special custom orthotic technology and advanced techniques to manufacture inserts to make shoes fit. We will take into consideration any foot aches/pains, discuss various options for custom orthotic and custom fit shoes,  answer all your questions about shoe fitting, and provide you with recommendations. Our shoe fitters will assist you with the custom orthotic, shoe inserts, and other products selection.

At Comfort Clinic we follow a comprehensive shoe fit plan and give you a detailed-oriented shoe fit guide telling you how should shoes fit on your feet. If you are looking for custom fit shoes for your feet which can accommodate anatomic contours of your feet and allow your feet to breathe — our shoe fitting staff is here to help you find the perfect solution every time!

One of the most important things to prevent many foot problems in the future -having your feet measured every year. Your left and right foot are most likely not the same size and may change in size or shape from year to year,  so we will follow up with you to ensure you are feeling comfortable in your footwear, consider any pain/aches, keep record of all changes  in your condition and accommodations that are made in your shoes. We want to make sure that you feel confident with your choice of footwear and know that our experts are committed to taking care of your additional and future needs!