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Foot Casting

Foot casting is a process of making custom orthotics through biomechanical assessment by using different foot casting techniques to get a 3-D image of your feet. At Comfort Clinic, we use the following foot casting methods: plaster cast, foam box and computer generated-image. In the foot casting process, each method has advantages and disadvantages, and our foot doctors in Oakville use foot casting option which is best for you. We use the highest lab standards and techniques when fabricating your custom orthotics. Our foot care specialists have an extensive knowledge of feet conditions, and they utilize those skills during the process of making, adjusting and fitting of custom made orthotics – to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Plaster Slipper Casting: Plaster Shoe Casting in Oakville

In the process of making custom orthotics to alleviate your foot pain and provide maximum comfort, our custom orthotics specialists capture the contours and shape of your foot in a cast while applying plaster directly to your feet.


Foam Box Casting:

foam box foot casting

Foam box casting process for custom orthtotics is a negative impression, non-weight bearing subtalar neutral cast. After impression is obtained by orthotic specialist, plaster is poured into impression and positive cast of your feet is created.

3-D Image:

foot casting 3d image Oakville

We use a precision optical imaging device – or scanner – designed to capture the 3D shape of the plantar aspect of your feet for the purpose of manufacturing of custom made orthotics. The 3D data recorded by the scanner is used to produce custom orthotics, orthotic molds or soft insoles.