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Orthotics Prescription

Your doctor can prescribe for a custom orthotic(s) – custom made insert or footbed fitted into a shoe. Foot orthoses – also known as shoe inserts – are made by following a tracing of the extremity with measurements to assist in creating a well-fitted device.  Commonly referred to as “orthotics“, these orthoses provide support for the foot by redistributing ground reaction forces as well as realigning foot joints while standing, walking or running. Our foot doctor will evaluate your foot movement, conduct a complete evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs to design a biomechanical medical device to aid people with foot problems, accommodate biomechanical deformities and a variety of soft tissue inflammatory conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Orthotics prescription can also be used in conjunction with properly fitted orthopaedic footwear in the prevention of foot ulcers in the at-risk diabetic foot . Custom orthotics are custom-crafted foot appliances designed and prepared to provide maximum support and ultimate comfort to your feet. The prescribed custom orthotics reduce strain and stress on your whole body by properly aligning your feet. Following the exact imprints of your feet, these custom orthotics fit into your shoes as an insole.

orthotics prescription Oakville

Orthotics prescription is a process of evaluating your feet movement, assessing your feet balance and designing a customized biomechanical medical device for your feet.

Orthotics Prescription Process

At Comfort Clinic, we will assess overall health of your feet and evaluate all contributing factors causing imbalance of your feet. Our foot doctor will evaluate your foot movement, perform a biomechanical and gait analysis, and complete examination of your feet. Three-dimensional image and measurements of each of your feet  will be applied to create a set of unique orthotics just for your needs.


Comfort Clinic is committed to providing you the best footwear orthotics solution. Following are the key steps that we follow during the treatment process.

  • We will do complete tests of your foot, including biomechanical evaluation, gait analysis, muscle strength, foot / ankle alignment and joint flexibility.
  • We will explain your foot condition and complexities, treatment options and procedure.
  • We will fully educate you about your foot problem before treatment.
  • We will use 3 dimensional casting techniques.
  • We will do perfect negative casting of your feet.
  • You will have a follow-up appointment and fitting of Orthotics.
  • We will do adjustments of Orthotics, if necessary.
  • We will assist you in selecting best Footwear appropriate for your condition and lifestyle.