What is Venous Insufficiency?

Comfort Clinic has an experienced team of compression garments fitters specialized in using compression garments for venous insufficiency in Oakville. Venous insufficiency is a condition occurring when the veins face problems in sending adequate blood from the legs back to the heart. In venous insufficiency, the walls of veins get weakened and valves see damages that can cause the veins to stay filled with blood. Venous insufficiency occurs when the valves of the veins malfunction. In this case, your venous insufficiency treatment can range from recommended compression stockings to prescription medications based on the prescription from your doctor.

Venous Insufficiency Treatment

venous insufficiency causes and treatment

The most common treatment in venous insufficiency involves prescription-wear compression stockings.

Venous insufficiency can be treated in a number of ways, however, the most common venous insufficiency treatment involves wearing of compression garments – such as compression stockings, compression wraps, etc. Many people suffering from venous disease find relief using graduated compression stockings to reduce swelling, increase circulation and tissue oxygenation. Medical compression stockings’ circular and flat knit provide gradient consistent or static compression to the limb. At Comfort Clinic, our experienced compression garments fitters specialise in using compression garments that combine beauty and functionality, offer softness, comfort and efficiency. Our certified compression garments fitters help you determine type, size, color and fabric of compression stockings that can be suitable for your venous insufficiency condition. Comfort Clinic has a wide range of products, innovative styles and fashionable colours to keep your legs cool and dry, and fit like a second skin. These prescription compression stockings have different strengths/class that ranges, such as 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, and 30-40 mmHg, and are available in open or closed toe, extra-wide calf or thigh options, ready-made styles or custom made products.

Comfort Clinic offers perfect alternative to compression stockings engineered with the ability to be set to multiple compression levels. Juxta-Lite and Juxta-fit products are dynamic concistent inelastic garments, that allow easy application and adjustment by instantly adjustable interlocking bands, ensuring prescribed compression level is achieved each time the patient dons their garment. They are highly effective in healing venous stasis ulcers, reducing ulcer reccurence, reducing edema, thrombosis prevention,  venous valvular insufficiency and chronic venous insufficiency. Those garments can be worn day and night.

Comfort Clinic is dedicated to helping our patients live active, healthy, happy and independent lives despite circulatory conditions. Over the years, our creativity, reliability and dedicated customer service have helped us achieve great results in treatments and full customer satisfaction.