Your feet are a biological masterpiece

 Take care of them! Don’t take them for granted!

Our feet can be compared to a finely tuned car, or space shuttle function of which dictates their complex design and structure.

Did you know that our two feet contain a quarter all the bones of the body? Each foot – 26 small bones, 33 joints and a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments, to say nothing of blood vessels and nerves.

Ladies, do you know that we have about 4 times as many foot problems as men?  High heels are to blame! An average day of walking brings force equal to several hundred tons of pressure to bear on our feet. (Imagine doing that in heels!) That’s why feet are more prone to injury than any other part of our body.

Foot ailments are among the most common health problems. Often we mistakenly believe that discomfort and pain are expectable and normal. But the reality is – a specialized care is most likely needed.

Be cautious when using home remedies for foot ailments; self- treatment can often turn a minor problem into a major one. Our feet are the mirror to our general health. Remember “Zynga” game – you take out one block after the other and the whole thing collapses! Same here – one bone goes out of alignment – the whole body aches.

Do not ignore foot pain – it’s not normal. If pain persists, see a foot doctor.orthotics for foot pain They are trained specifically and extensively in the diagnosis and treatment of all manners of foot conditions. This training encompasses a thorough understanding of all of the intricately related systems and structures of the foot and lower leg, including neurological, circulatory, skin, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.

There are currently a lot of options to help with foot pain and to improve your foot health – from padding to orthotic devices. Orthopedic footwear is not the ugly, bulky shoe anymore – they are more fashionable, stylish and sometimes even with a heel. But best of all – they have so much needed support!So no more excuses – start taking care of your feet now. And they will take care of you in return.